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Set in the beautiful Hill Country of Central Texas, TerraSpatial Services is a geospatial consulting firm with experience in the environmental and transportation industries, primarily within the public sector. We help clients in data acquisition, visualization and management, applied geostatistical analysis, and project assessment and evaluation from a geographic standpoint.

We’re passionate about objective data visualization, reproducible research, visual storytelling, and we believe everyone has the potential to make sense of their data. Our bread and butter is creating streamlined reports and design data-driven static charts, and interactive visualizations using (but not limited to,) ArcGIS and FME. We have strong communication skills spanning senior non-technical leadership to technical experts.

We’re always looking for a new challenge, and we look forward to hearing from you on how we can work together to solve your business problems or tell an effective data story together!

Warren GrannisCEO, Lead Analyst
Twelve years experience in the public sector providing support and mapping in an environmental resources context, including historical resources, natural resources, archaeology, and biology. Areas of expertise cover historical geography, cultural geography, transportation, environmental planning and management, as well as asset management and field data management and processing. Specialties: Transportation, environmental engineering and compliance, remote sensing, environmental hazards and risk management.
John BontragerIn Counsel
Over ten years’ experience in business development and operations. Specialties include lead generation, project management, operations management, and customer relations management.
Mark BrelandIn Counsel
Comprehensive experience managing software development and operations. Specialties address information security, data privacy, automated quality/testing tools, fault tolerance, and realtime/distributed systems.
David EckholdtIn Counsel
MBA with professional background in high tech, property services, energy, and health care. Specialties include team and organizational development, risk management, training, professional development, and improving business processes.
Daniel GermanIn Counsel
Over 15 years experience in business development and growth. Specialties include franchise development, as well as customer and public relations and outreach, at all administrative levels.
Chris HammelIn Counsel
MBA, International finance. Over thirty years of experience in business development, finance, investment management, and small business startups.
Seth LevanenUAV Pilot, SEO/Social Media Consultant
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Allen WilsonIn Counsel
Creative design. Over a decade’s experience working as an industrial designer/inventor. Specialties address manufacturing and design, visual aesthetics and  visual presentation and comprehension.
Todd ZacharyIn Counsel
Nearly twenty years of professional experience in business management, planning and strategic marketing, as well as small business growth. Specialties address new account acquisition and management.

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