Creative Solutions for Your GIS Needs

TerraSpatial Services provides business-to-business services for clients who

  • Require an affordable alternative to full-time in-house GIS staff
  • Would like to supplement their in-house GIS staff for short-term projects or contracts
  • Need to fill a temporary GIS staffing shortage
  • Want access to geospatial products or services without investing in a fully-equipped GIS infrastructure

Facilitating Federal and State Environmental Compliance

With over a decade of experience in the public sector, TerraSpatial Services helps government agencies facilitate federal and state environmental compliance. We provide a variety of GIS and GPS services from field data collection to analysis and dissemination. Fieldwork operations include:

  • Aerial imagery collection
  • GPS data collection
  • Data verification
  • Other services as negotiated or requested

Our environmental fieldwork is also well-suited for environmental non-profit groups:

  • Watershed monitoring
  • Species surveys
  • Land cover changes
  • Other services as negotiated or requested

Helping Government Agencies Use Their Tax Funds More Effectively

TerraSpatial provides GIS services for government agencies at a variety of levels. We conduct asset inventory tracking and management through fieldwork, database management, or both. Additionally, we render services that support compliance with federal laws. Whether tracking and managing physical resources and assets, aiding in city planning, or creating emergency response plans to various environmental risks, TerraSpatial Services provides our government clients efficient and cost-effective solutions.

Building Commercial Success

TerraSpatial Services supports real estate development by providing clients with comprehensive data analysis relevant to:

  • Parcel data acquisition and analysis
  • Identifying economically viable commercial sites available for development
  • Demographic analysis
  • Market analysis (competition, commercial “cannibalization,” etc)
  • Environmental data (elevation, water, utilities, power, etc.)

Products and Services for the Farmer, Rancher, or Wildlife Specialist

TerraSpatial Services offers a variety of solutions for agricultural and wildlife industries to ensure cost-effective management. Our UAV allows for noninvasive and nondisruptive wildlife and agricultural surveying. We provide data analysis pertaining to various geographic factors such as:

  • Crop changes
  • Land and vegetation changes
  • Hydrography

The data we provide our clients allows for better just-in-time decision making, improved (and more cost effective) asset tracking, and earlier identification of critical factors that affect our clients’ industries and livelihoods.

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